The pharmaceutical wholesale business provides the vital link in the pharmaceutical distribution process between drug manufacturer and the end-use patient.  With IDCI’s local warehouse and close collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry, we maintain the full range of pharmaceuticals and home health products available to our customers, delivering items promptly and directly to their location. Our logistical expertise benefits the pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as our wholesale customers by combining volumes and merging orders, reducing the complexity for all parties involved. Our distribution matrix covers all pharmacies throughout the province through partnerships with commercial transport service providers and our own proprietary courier services.

IDCI also offers our wholesale customers supplementary products and services. These include goods management and point-of-sale systems for pharmacies, A diverse array of continuing education and training programmes, advisory services and business development information sessions complete our extensive portfolio.  With such a wide array of specialty services, IDCI offers its pharmacy customers a comprehensive spectrum of advantages from a single source.