About Us

Imperial Distributors Canada Inc. was started in 2014 to fill the void for independent and chain pharmacies who demand service excellence in their pharmaceutical wholesaler.

IDCI’s management team have a combined 75 years of industry experience in wholesale distribution, pharmacy practices and operations management. This management team is supported by an experienced customer service group that will respond quickly and efficiently to the requests of our customers. In turn, our logistics arm will ensure that deliveries made to our customers are timely, accurate and without complications.

Unlike our national brethren, IDCI will focus on the needs of our BC and Alberta partners, to ensure our local pharmacies receive the accurate deliveries and committed service that they have been lacking in our regional landscape. With such dedicated focus, we can quickly respond to any request, helping our local pharmacies better serve their clients and patients.

IDCI also has a strategic alliance with Complete Pharmacy Solutions (CPS), a firm with leading-edge expertise in business development and relationship management. With IDCI as their primary vendor, CPS will ensure that the local community pharmacies receive all the benefits and growth opportunities as their chain and banner counterparts.

Ensuring that IDCI plays active role of the community is one of the primary tenets in our Company philosophy. Maintaining our “Green Community” Initiative and partnering with responsible local companies ensures both sustainability of the environment while fostering growth of our local economy.

IDCI is proud to align itself with local, reputable companies such as Urban Impact and Wa-2! Water, and will continue to maintain such relationships for the betterment of our community as a whole.

Finally, IDCI is grateful to be given the significant responsibility of providing healthcare services to the citizens of BC and Alberta. To respect this responsibility, IDCI continually finds different avenues for charitable giving, to give back and pay it forward. Either directly or through its charitable arm, the Good-Good Foundation, IDCI will ensure that the company remains a charitable member of society.